The Benefits of Live Video

What do national parks, hotels, beaches, theme parks and universities have in common? They all use Pixelcaster live camera services to show off their destination to the world. As live video continues to grow in popularity, now is the time to start using it as a marketing tool.

Why Live Video?

The Benefits

The key to increasing awareness and visibility of your organization is to provide fresh, entertaining and useful content on your website and social media platforms. A Pixelcaster live camera does just that. Without any effort on your part, the camera produces live content 24 hours a day. And not just any content. A properly selected live view generates traffic, buzz, motivation and stirs memories. It’s the ultimate sticky content generator.

The Technology

Pixelcaster provides high definition standalone network cameras that produce continuous live HD or 4K live streaming video. We pre-configure the cameras, and they are designed for simple turnkey installation. Pixelcaster manages the hosting and bandwidth and your website hosting bandwidth is not affected. All you need to do is add a small block of code to your web site and your camera is live.

The Pixelcaster Edge

Pixelcaster is much more than a camera hosting company. To provide the best live camera experience, many factors must be addressed, including optimal view selection, shot framing, lens options and camera configuration. Pixelcaster’s staff has over fifteen years of experience in providing a rich live streaming experience from start to finish.

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